Hanging Clamps supplier in UAE

Hanging Clamps

Hanging clamps, also known as suspension clamps, are essential hardware components used in various applications for suspending and securing objects from overhead structures. These clamps are designed to provide a reliable and secure method of attaching items to support systems, such as rods, rails, or wires, without the need for drilling or permanent fixtures. Commonly used in industries like construction, theater production, lighting installations, and even home organization, hanging clamps come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different weights and materials. 


C-Clamp with Locking Nut


2-inch diameter

Specification / Standard

The specification and standards for hanging clamps can vary based on the industry


Hanging clamps are manufactured using a range of materials to ensure durability, load-bearing capacity


Hanging Clamps come in various shapes and sizes

Surface Finish

Experience the fusion of functionality and aesthetics with our Hanging Clamps, now featuring the exquisite "Sleek Metallic Elegance" surface finish.

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